We are excited to announce these new events just added to our Wildflower Experience weekend.  

Bring along family and friends as well as build upon your personal Wildflower Experience by adding a warm up run, shake out run, an afternoon Paddle and more.  Take an evening fun run with a group of friends. Now offering a 5k Run, 10k Run, Trail Run, Stand up Paddle and there will be more to come.... 


TRAIL RUN  / 10 mile   SATURDAY 8:10AM

You love challenging trial runs, but swimming or biking are not in your training plans at this time.  You can experience a version of the iconic Long Course Triathlon run with more trails and less roads.  You will run along the shore of Lake San Antonio, through Harris Creek to the back county, up and down the hills of Long Valley and through the campgrounds and within the park.  Along with a great run you will be able to be part of the Wildflower Experience that is more than you could have imagined.  You can run the course in one direction on Saturday and in the other direction on Sunday and experience two completely different runs and be a member of the Wildflower Squared a special run event where your times are combined for both days for an over 20 mile run distance.  In between you can enjoy, camping, the exposition, wine tasting, music, and entertainment.  This experience is not usually available at other trail running events.   

5K RUN / 3.1 mile    SATURDAY 7:00PM

The Wildflower 5K will be a Saturday evening run through the Redonda Vista and Lupine Campgrounds.  Before your dinner and s’mores over the campfire you can take a quick run with all the other athletes in the campgrounds.  It will start at the Outdoor Theater run counter clockwise around the Redonda Vista Campgrounds and on the trails and access roads in the Lupine Campgrounds and the back on the trial next to the San Antonio Road back to Redonda Vista to the finish at the Outdoor Theater.  This event is perfect for everyone.  If you are not a triathlete or distance runner you can just run.  If you are racing on Sunday you can get in a fun run to keep your anxiety down.  If you already raced on Saturday, it is perfect to loosen up those muscles from your earlier run and join your friends that you brought with you.

The start will be in the Redonda Vista Campgrounds next to the outdoor theater.  Runners will proceed up the hill counter clockwise around Redonda Vista Drive.  Turn right on the trail to Lupine Meadows and through Lupine Meadows to San Antonio Drive at Beach Road.  Left turn on fire access trail along San Antonio Drive back to the Redonda Vista Intersection.  Turn left on Redonda Vista Drive to the finish line near the outdoor theater. 


10K Run / 6.2 mile   SUNDAY 10:00AM

You wanted to be part of the Wildflower Experience, but you did not want to swim or bike.  The 10K run is perfect for you.  It is the same course as the Olympic Distance Triathletes will experience.  You will run along the lake on Shoreline Drive and fire access trails to Harris Creek and then experience the long uphill trek on San Antonio Drive from Harris Creek to Beach Hill.  You will proceed back on the trails to Lynch Hill and then back on the road down the hill to the finish line.  You can enjoy the rest of the day with food, wine and music while the triathletes are finishing.  

10 km Start on Shoreline Drive by the Festival Stage between Festival Area 1 and Festival Area 2. 

Depart on Shoreline Drive and proceed through “Beach City” to Harris Creek.  Proceed on the fire access trail along the water, through the campgrounds past the parking lot onto San Antonio Drive.  Proceed on San Antonio Drive until the Beach Hill intersection.  Follow the fire access trail next to San Antonio Drive back to the Lynch Intersection.  Go back on the road and turn right down Lynch Hill to the finish chute.


Stand Up Paddle


For the first time we are introducing the SUP Race to our local paddling and triathlon community! These races are designed to be inclusive for everyone. Adults, kids, and families are all welcome!

2 mile short course and 6 mile long course. Men's, Women's, 17&U, Masters and Relay divisions available

Start Time: Saturday and Sunday afternoon ***Plus rentals available throughout the weekend